Monday, 12 July 2010

Sore and happy

Mistress took me for my piercing yesterday, a day later than planned but unfortunately vanilla life intervened.

She decided to take me to the place she has used before, so we had a long trip across London on a hot Sunday.

Initially I was delighted when Mistress told me to wear some light sloggie panties under my jeans rather than my usual pantygirdle and stockings but when we got into the piercing studio I was mortified when I was told to hop on the couch and drop my trousers! As I hesitated Mistress told me to stop hesitating, be a good GIRL and do as I was told. The piercer picked up on this straightaway and as I obeyed he turned to Mistress and remarked on my pretty knickers.

I was so embarrassed I almost started blubbing. Once I was flat on the bed he asked me what I wanted done, my response of course was to tell him my wife should choose. He was very professional, and though he discussed everything with Mistress he kept asking me if that was what I wanted - to which I dutifully replied "yes".

Finally, Mistress decided on a "lorum" piercing at the base of my clitty. Apparently the nipple piercings are on hold at the moment.

The piercing itself was a bit of an anticlimax - some discomfort but not too bad. When I got off the couch Mistress passed me a heavy flow panty liner and told me to put it under my piercing. The piercer grinned at this and remarked it was a good idea, but not for men - the inference was obvious. In truth though, he was a nice, professional piercer caught up in our lifestyle.

He told Mistress it will need around three months to heal and that I shouldnt have sex or masturbate for at least six weeks and if we want to be ultra safe to abstain for the full twelve weeks. Mistress looked at me, grinned, and said " twelve weeks it is then".

So here I am, free of my CB6000 for twelve weeks and totally banned from orgasms. Mistress has said she still intends to use my pussy but I am not to come.

More worryingly, she remarked that she may need to find another cock as she doesnt want to deprive herself for three months. It is something we have talked about but never in the way she mentioned it last night. When I tried to raise it this morning she shushed me and told me not to worry my pretty head then made me eat her.

How far is my feminization gping to go?

Deni xxx

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