Friday, 30 October 2009


After a passionate, but turbulent, first few years of our marriage we have decided to try the concept of a Wife Led Marriage.

It took a lot for me to approach my wife with the initial suggestion. We have always had a very male dominated relationship, and I've always been the 'in charge' person in my business and personal life but things just weren't working for us.

I had long harboured a secret desire to be submissive to a woman, but had suppressed it as it always seemed 'unmanly', weak and not something likely to attract the kind of woman I wanted. It was that fear of rejection that held me back from raising the subject for so long. I was terrified that she would hold me in contempt, despise me and see me as pathetic.

In spite of my fears, things became so difficult that I managed to find the courage to talk to her about the concept. I can't say she jumped for joy but thankfully, she agreed to try it out and see what impact it had on our relationship.

That was nearly two months ago and things have changed dramatically, and for the better.

The most obvious change is in our sex life. She now controls it totally and whilst she has orgasm as and when she wishes I have agreed to let her decide when, or if, I may have mine. The change in focus, where I concentrate on pleasing her without caring for my own satisfaction is proving to be both highly arousing and liberating at the same time.

I shared with her my fantasy of wearing some elements of female clothing as a symbol of my submission and she has agreed to allow some aspects of it in our relationship

As a daily reminder of the new state of affairs, I now wear female panties and tights under my day wear, indeed my male underwear has been thrown away. I would never have believed how this relatively minor thing could have had such a dramatic change to my emotions. It's made me feel comforted, aroused, submissive and aware of her and her control.

Alongside this, we bought a CB6000 chastity belt which I wear most of the time. Initially this was at my suggestion, but thankfully she absolutely loves it and keeps me in for as long as she feels appropriate.

Less obvious, but far more profound, has been the change in our everyday lives. I have agreed that she has the final say on all aspects of our life; when we go out, what we buy, where we holiday, how we decorate the house. All of these things used to cause conflict between us, but now its so relaxed. This probably wouldn't have worked so well if we had fundamentally differing aims and needs but the truth was we usually argued over the little things.

The end result of these changes has been that we have had the best two months of our relationship so far. Lets see how things progress.