Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Last night was a new experience.

I received text from Mistress telling me to be home early from work and to prepare myself for a play evening. Obviously I was thrilled at this and rushed home to bathe, do my makeup and put on my prettiest lingerie with a lovely dress.

I had just finished when I got a very short call from Mistress telling me to expect a call from Mistress S and to obey her without hesitation.

Mistress S called a few minutes later to tell me to drive to their house. I was very nervous leaving the house dressed enfemme but it was dark and I have a long coat, though it doesnt hide my legs or heels!

When I got to Mistress S, I was ushered up to the play room where I was given to Terri for him to use as he wished whilst Mistress S watched without once touching either of us. I lost track of how many times I was whipped, gave head or was fucked. It was all a blur and I seemed to cry all through it.

Afterwards I was tied to the bed and eventually fell asleep. This morning Terri woke me and helped me wash before handing me some boy clothes that had obviously been sent over previously.

It wasnt until 0900 that Mistress texted me to say she was proud of me and pleased that I had been so obedient.

I have no idea what Mistress did whilst I was with Terri and that both excites and scares me.

I wonder what tonight will bring?

Deni xxx

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