Friday, 1 October 2010

A difficult time but new horizons

It has not been the greatest couple of months for either Mistress or myself.

Following our wonderful holiday my mother was taken ill and, after two horrible months, was granted release last week.

Throughout it all Mistress and I became closer than ever as we provided the support each other needed.

Mistress knew exactly what I needed and kept me firmly under comtrol and enfemme whenever appropriate.

It was during this time we met a lovely femdom couple. Mistress and Mistress S arranged the whole thing without either myself or terri, her husband, knowing a thing. It was a total shock when they came to our house on a Saturday afternoon - with me in my pretty wool dress. I stayed in the lounge as I usually do when someone callls but was mortified when Mistress invited someone in and brought them into the lounge!

I was even more shocked to see Mistress S, as I know her in vanilla life but only to say 'hi' to and her husband terry/terri in a pretty skirt and blouse. When the emotions calmed Mistress explained she found Mistress S through an online site then, when they chatted they realised they knew each other - a shock for them both to be sure. It was even more fortuitous as Mistress was, in fact, starting her search for a male fuck-buddy.

It was an unforgettable afternoon, culminating in Terri and I kissing and cuddling whilst our Mistress's watched. My emotions were in turmoil as this was my first tv/tv encounter and I truly loved it - it felt so right.

Afterwards we knelt as both Mistresses told us what good girls we were and made it clear next time we will go all the way to entertain them. Terri isnt kept locked up so I will be expected to offer him my mouth and my boy-pussy.

As they left Mistress sent me upstairs then joined me in the bedroom. I was honoured to service her orally then accept her strap-on which made me squirt in my cage - it was wonderful.

Sadly, any further play has been delayed by our bereavement but both Terri amd Mistress S have visited to offer support, kisses and a hand to hold.

I can see a new chapter opening for us.

Deni xxx

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