Friday, 22 January 2010

A hectic few months

Not sure where to start this as the last few months have been an absolute whirl both in my work life and what I have come to realise is my very real transformation to Deni.

On the work front I have been away in middle and central Europe for most of the time, which has been exhausting but fun too. Having to buy tights, panty pads and wear lingerie all the time posed a few problems too until I screwed up enough courage to stop being embarrassed and just use the hotel shop and laundry. I’m sure the staff in the hotel shop recognised me as I made my regular purchases but they never said anything. Another threshold crossed I guess.

On one our rare free weekends Mistress took me to a wonderful shop in London called ‘Transformation’. It’s dedicated to TV/CD men and holds a truly great range of things guaranteed to make you simper with glee! As this was to have been the first time anyone would see me as a TV I was terrified going in there but as it happens I needn’t have been.

The staff were great, very matter-of-fact and very supportive. I was shocked, but really pleased, when they recognised the dynamic between Mistress and I and addressed her first when talking about me and referred to me as ‘she’ and ‘girl’.
We will definitely be going back there.

After a lot of browsing and trying on Mistress bought me a pair of black patent high heels that I am slowly learning to walk in, and I love the look and feel of them.

The following day Mistress took me away for a city break but I’ll put the details of that in another blog.

Due to my travels the plans for my chastity were altered somewhat. I still wore the CB6000 whilst I was away but Mistress wanted to play with me when I got home so off it came and so did I .

Now I am based at home for the immediate future we are back on track and Mistress has told me that I won’t be let out until the end of January at the earliest. She has become a great fan of the ‘feeldoe’ strapon we bought and is determined that I learn to orgasm whilst being used in my pussy as she has decreed my bottom shall be described.

Whilst on that topic, Mistress has moved things on a bit and now whenever we are alone Mistress used the feminine form of address to me and I am called ‘Deni’; my penis is always referred to as my ‘clitty’ and my bottom as my ‘pussy’. It sounds a small thing but over the last few months it really has start to bed into my psyche. I wonder when one of us will slip in public ?

More profound for me was the realisation last night that I now prefer to be the ‘fuckee’ rather than the ‘fucker’. I wonder where this is going?
Wherever it leads we are both happier than we have been in a very long time.

I'll try not to leave the next post so long.