Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A new threshold crossed

Mistress used me with her strap-on last night. I was still fretting over my impending piercings and so didn't do my usual thing of worrying about trying to come.

And guess what? I came!
For the first time ever I came whilst Mistress was using my pussy.

Mistress was so pleased she didn't punish me for coming without permission - though she made it clear that was a one-time only exception.

Afterwards i had to clean up then was cuffed and blindfolded whilst she removed my CB6000 and washed my clitty.

I'm still worried about my piercings so maybe I'll get lucky tonight too!


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  1. Oh sweetie, how devine! I still remember the first time I had a cummy just from Mistress fucking my sissy pussy -- it was absolutely amazing . . . and just the first of many times.

    You're a very lucky girl.


  2. I know I am, and a very hapy girl too for pleasing my Mistress at last - AND I am really looking forward to my next pussy orgasm.

    Mistress has said that she wont restrict these for a while - other than asking before cumming - as she want me to become used to cumming this way.

    She has said that once that works she will rarely, if ever, allow me to come from clit stimulation.

    I know I wanted this but it is a little scarey, especially with the piercings coming soon.

    Deni xxx