Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A special weekend

Mistress booked a trip to our favourite hotel as a relaxing break for the both of us. As a special gift Mistress also booked me in for a full body massage – something I haven’t tried before but always wanted to try.

I was taken out of my CB6000 on Friday evening with strict instructions not to touch. Saturday started very nicely, and after I had brought her morning coffee she decided to make use of me. It was wonderful, but sadly short lived as I came far too quickly, something I notice is becoming more common when I am kept for so long in my CB6000. Thankfully Mistress was very understanding, and I was soon put to use to ensure she had plenty of pleasure.

After tidying and packing we set off via the local town for a short shopping trip. I had shared with Mistress that I’ve longed to wear a bra or panty-girdle, and so as a gift for our weekend Mistress bought me a pretty ivory bra and panty set, along with some lovely white hold-up stockings.

An unexpected, but very welcome surprise was finding a necklace for me that I could wear all the time and that could act as my collar. We have been searching ever since we decided to start this journey but nothing seemed suitable until today.

Unfortunately the traffic was heavier than expected and we were running late when we arrived at the hotel. I was very tense, and really would rather not have gone for my massage. Mistress was, however, insistent and so I went.....and I am so glad. The massage was wonderful, and relaxed me to the point where I thought I would fall asleep.

We returned to our room after Mistress had her massage. Once there she placed my new collar on me and then we made love. It was fantastic; Mistress had several powerful orgasms although I wasn’t allowed to ejaculate as I had failed to come from prostate massage. Mistress is insistent that girls should learn to come when they are penetrated, and that I am no exception.

Not too long ago the absence of an orgasm for me would have made me think the whole session a failure. Not any more, I was so proud of my new collar and felt warm and fuzzy in knowing I had pleased my Mistress. Having said that I felt bad that I hadn’t come as Mistress wanted and I was so horny I could have burst!

To calm me down, Mistress had me take a relaxing bath and then told me to put on my feminine clothes whilst we were in the room. This was the first time I had dressed completely as a woman for Mistress and I was scared she would laugh or find me ludicrous. I needn’t have worried as her reaction was one of love and pride. I felt really good walking around the room in my dress, lingerie and high heels.

All too soon it was time to get ready for dinner and so I had to swap my dress and heels for a suit and shoes. I did, however, get to keep my lingerie on under my suit.

Dinner was truly divine, Mistress, as usual, choosing my meal for me. The food and service was excellent although Mistress and I did drink a touch more than we are used to and ended up grinning at each other all the way back to our room and a deep, relaxing sleep.

After I had brought Mistress her morning coffee, she used me in a most sensuous and relaxed way, then relaxed her rule and let me orgasm outside of my cage. It was wonderful.

I am both fearing and relishing the day when she finally gets me to come from prostate stimulation – as I think that will be the start of me being both used mainly as a girl and spending most of my time secured in the CB6000.

All too soon it was time to check out and head for home and everyday reality. That reality isn’t the same as before though, as I now wear Mistresses’ collar.

Mistress decided to let me stay out of my CB6000 until it was time to return to work. So first thing on Monday morning it went on again with a new numbered tag to record the time and duration of my wearing it. I’m not sure how I will feel about my cage in the months and years to come, but at the moment I love the feeling of ‘belonging’ that it gives me.

Once again the new order in our lives has enabled us to overcome a stressful start to the weekend and let us both have a great time together whereas not too long ago we would have been arguing and tense.

Whilst we undoubtedly have a long way to go this journey seems more and more worthwhile as we travel together.


  1. I do agree with your Mistress - it is very important for a gurl to learn to orgasm from penetration. A suggestion though - when you are first learning, it helps to have just a finger tip rubbing your clitty - nothing more - a finger tip only. Of course, the longer you go without relief the more likely you are to succeed by penetration alone.

    Of course, when you get very good at it - penetration will be the only way you will be able to get relief - you'll need the penetration. Mistress will be quite proud of her gurl then.

    Miss D

  2. By the way - your development of a "hair trigger" is a sure sign you need to learn to orgasm by penetration alone - otherwise, you'll be finished each time even before you start. This result is perfectly natural for a sissy gurl.

    Some gurls develop such a "hair trigger" that the simple act of unlocking their chastity is enough. I think that is so cute when it happens.

    Miss D

  3. Thank you for the advice Miss D, I have discussed it with Mistress and she intends to keep me in my cage from the start of the Christmas holidays until I come from penetration alone.