Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Milking...or not

As part of my ongoing process of feminization and chastity, my wife has been acclimatizing me to anal sex and, as part of this, wants to be able to make me ejaculate from prostate stimulation alone.

She feels that I need to ejaculate regularly to keep me calm and to a lesser extent maintain my health, but doesn’t want to take me from my cage unless it is for her convenience.

Whilst I struggled with this to start with, being far too tight as well as too uptight, I now look forward to both the physical and the psychological sensations of being penetrated. I honestly can’t think of any other single act that makes me feel so possessed by her.

Whether real or imagined I have found I experience the most intense ‘orgasm’ effect throughout my pelvic area after prolonged use in this way, even to the point of having to pee afterwards – a typical effect for me after an orgasm. The problem is, however, that I don’t ejaculate or even leak semen.

I have scoured the internet for hints and tips on how to achieve her desired aim. We have also bought a variety of toys including an Aneros prostate stimulator, dildos and quite a fearsome strap-on. Whilst these are very pleasurable and have given me several internal ‘orgasms’, none of these have yielded the desired ejaculation and I am worried that Mistress may start to lose patience with me.

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