Saturday, 7 August 2010


We have just returned from a fantastic break as we managed to get a week alone in a beautiful cottage in the West Country.

Even better, Mistress insisted I was enfemme for nearly the whole time - including the drive there and back. Initially I was terrified of being spotted but by the end of the week I felt so comfortable I really enjoyed the drive home in my new skirt and blouse. I truly hate the idea of boy clothes again.

The sex was great, and all girl-sissy sex. Lots of oral and strap-on action and clitty stayed on the bench or more accurately in the cage. My piercing is healing well, so I'm back in the CB6000 except when sleeping.

Now we are home the search for another cock for Mistress will start in earnest. I'm nervous where this will take us but its the path we have chosen.

Love, Deni

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  1. Would you recommend the piercing to other sissies?

  2. What a great trip... and such action! New follower :)

  3. Hi EsEm, the piercing is very pretty and doesnt interfere at all with wearing a CB, though it doesn't have any use in chastity training other then as a point to fasten me by :-)

    Hi Weave, thankyou {blush!}