Friday, 11 February 2011

Long time

Its been such a long time since I last updated this blog and I'm not sure why.

Mistress and I have continued to develop our Femdom relationship. Since November I have been kept totally enfemme whenever I'm not at work, and even there now I wear more 'feminine' clothes.

Apart from being removed for cleaning I have been caged in my CB6000 since November, and whenever its removed I'm cuffed and blindfolded. Mistress says she doesn't ever want me to see our touch my clit again - whether thats true or not it surely makes us both very hot!

Mistress has started her search for a stud in earnest, and I'm sorry to say that makes me jealous even though I understand her need and the fact I shan't ever again fuck her in that way. More pleasingly Mistress continues to enjoy my tongue,fingers and strapon so I'm not totally redundant.

I'm also becoming quite an adept cock sucker as I'm frequently lent to Terri now.

Oh yes, nearly forgot to mention but I now have no problem orgasming from being fucked in my sissy-pussy :-)

Will try to update soon.

Deni xxx

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  1. "orgasming from being fucked in my sissy-pussy"

    Isn't that the most glorious feeling in the world? So helpless, so submissive, and so feminine . . . completely outside your control, and absolutely overwhelming in every way.